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Tub Spa Treatment


Experience soothing relief and body hydration when you enjoy one of our exclusive Tub Baths. The bath treatments are customised for individuals or couples. If you would be more comfortable please bring your swimmers.

Magnesium Detox Bath
Duration: 30 mins

Soaking in Magnesium Chloride Bath Minerals can help remove toxins from the body and can also help relieve painful, inflamed muscles and joints. One of the easiest ways to get a great energy boost.

Price: 2,500Vatu or approx. $31.25AU

Coconut Cream Bath (Our Signature Bath Treatment) Duration: 30 mins

Coconut is renowned for its restorative and skin enlivening qualities. A delicious experience of coconut milk and coconut oil in our tub baths. Essential oils of lime and vanilla are added to moisturise, hydrate & cleanse your body.

Price: 2,500Vatu or approx. $31.25AU


Mineral Explosion (Red Mineral) Mud Bath - Duration: 30 mins

Mud is one of nature's enriching cleansers, drawing out the negative ions from the skin naturally. This red mineral mud bath is naturally scented with coconut and vanilla extracts.

Price: 2,500Vatu or approx. $31.25AU

Champagne For Two - Duration: 30 mins

Our exclusive sumptuous spa treat. Luxuriate in our tubs surrounded by a canopy of flickering candlelights, as you and your soul mate sip a glass of BYO champagne (or inclusive teas instead).

Price: 7,000Vatu or approx. $87.50AU

Combine it with any other treatment and make this time together really special!

We often know so little about our bodies. For example, did you know that the presence of Magnesium in the bloodstream and cellular fluids is necessary for more than three hundred different metabolic functions. We need Magnesium in order to have a smooth metabolism and to maintain a healthy functional balance in the endocrine and nervous systems. The same goes for maintaining the correct electrical balance in our bodies. It is also crucial for the body's natural detoxification and self-cleansing responses. If we do not have enough Magnesium, acid residues and toxic waste build up in the cells and tissues. This can result in our aging much faster not to mention setting the stage for cancer and chronic degenertive conditions.

It is estimated that 70% of people suffer from Magnesium deficiency without realising it, even though this deficiency is one of the primary causes of chronic low energy, because magnesium is an essential catalyst for energyproduction in the mitochondria of all cells.

A recent study also found that people who live to a hundred or more ALL have high levels of magnesium!

Magnesium occurs naturally in many forms but is most readily assimilated and utilized for metabolic purposes in the human body in the form of Magnesium Chloride. The most efficient and fastest way to get magnesium into the body is through direct absorbion through the skin (transdermally) rather than orally.

The easiest way to do this is by having a bath using Magnesium Chloride - in other words, by having a Magnesium Bath!

For a full range of treatments available at The Volcanic Earth Healing Centre Day Spa and to download our Brochure, please click the down arrow.

Volcanic Earth Healing Centre Spa Brochure & Price List

The Volcanic Earth complex is is regarded as one of the best Vanuatu attractions because of our unique spa packages
and friendly staff. Be sure to book your special Vanuatu spa treatment well in advance to avoid dissappointment.

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