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Deep Tissue Massage Port Vila


Volcanic Earth specialises in the very best Deep Tissue Massage in Vanuatu.

This type of Port Vila day spa massage relieves tension in the muscles and tendons. Personalised Vanuatu Health spas treatments to suit your individual needs.

10 mins - Price:800Vatu or approx. $10.00AU

30 mins
- Price:3,000Vatu or approx. $37.50AU

60 mins
- Price:6,000Vatu or approx. $75.00AU

90 mins - Price:9,000Vatu or approx. $112.50AU

Couples Massage (Two people massaged together)

Duration 30 mins - Price:6,000Vatu or approx. $75.00AU

Duration 60 mins - Price:10,000Vatu or approx. $125.00AU


Experience deep, restorative rest through the precise placement of volcanic stones. This time-honored method gently places smooth stones over the body, transporting penetrating warmth that soothes mind and muscles. A highly requested, uniquely comforting massage that calms the psyche.

Hot Lava Stone Back Massage - Duration: 30 mins
- Price:3,500Vatu or approx. $43.75AU

Hot Lava Stone Full Body Massage - Duration: 1 hour
- Price:6,500Vatu or approx. $81.25AU

STONE THERAPY (a Volcanic Earth Signature Treatment)

Here at Volcanic Earth we have delveloped our own special form of hot lava stone massage which combines Hot Stone Therapy with a therapeutic (deep tissue) massage - long relaxing strokes that promote deep muscle tissue relaxation, increase circulation, release toxins, relieve pain, improve tone and induce tranquility and serenity.

Therapeutic Back Massage and Stone Therapy - Duration: 45 mins - Price:5,500Vatu or approx. $68.75AU
Therapeutic Back Massage and Stone Therapy -
Duration: 90 mins - Price:8,900Vatu or approx. $111.25AU

When you have aches and pains your therapist will target and treat those areas with specialised heat and therapeutic massage, offering greater relief than hot stones or massage alone.

Hot Rocks Massage Vanuatu Vanuatu Beauty Therapist

Historically, massage is one of the oldest forms of medical care. In China it dates back to at least 2,700 BC. Even some Egytian tombs depict paintings of people being massaged. It is an ancient "gift" that provides relief and pleasure irrespective of race or culture. Not just anyone can be trained to be a high level, massage therapist. The ability of the masseuse to provide a professional, deep tissue massage for pain management and relaxation is, to some extent, intuitive. It is a "gift" that comes from within and is steeped in the idea that a person's body will talk to you through your gifted hands. Yes, you do have to learn all the different strokes and sequences, but you need something more - something intangible.


Hot stone massage - most physically and mentally healing thirty minutes of my life. Thankyou so much to the lovely staff at Volcanic Earth for the treatment and answering all my questions regarding their products. I can't wait to come back :)

Stephanie Kate, 31March 2014

A good massage therapist lets their fingers do the walking while the patient's body does the talking. Massage is not just about working with your hands but it's about finding those trouble spots and working on them to give relief. Massage is also about connecting with the energy of the patient - not just physically, but through the energy of the massage therapist as well. This is one reason why a good masseusse will try and avoid breaking contact with the customer throughout the treatment, where possible.

The relief of tension and stress through massage can sometimes have a profound impact on the way it affects the customer. There can even be times when massage elicits an emotional reaction - it can be that powerful.

So when you next want to visit our Port Vila spa, be sure to treat yourself to the "gift of massage" from one of our lovely therapists.

For a full range of treatments available at The Volcanic Earth Healing Centre Day Spa and to download our Brochure, please click the down arrow.

Volcanic Earth Healing Centre Spa Brochure & Price List


Not all massage oils or creams are created equal. Olive Oil may be great for cooking, but it is not the best oil to use for massage and neither is Palm Oil. The #1 oil for massage therapy is pure Virgin Coconut Oil because it will treat your skin and faciliate the massage - all at the same time. Ngali Oil (or Nangai Oil as it is spelt here in Vanuatu) is a great oil to use for the fast relief of rheumatic aches and pains. However, because it absorbs so fast into the skin it should be used in conjunction with coconut oil or a massage cream.

At the Volcanic Earth Healing Centre Day Spa we offer a range of moisturising, massage creams and scented Coconut Oil made right here in Port Vila by our own production staff - all natural. No chemical preservatives here!

Frangipani Scented Coconut Oil
Massage Cream

Sandalwood Scented Coconut Oil

Vanuatu's Premium 
Coconut Oil

(Scented With Frangipani)

Body Gloss
(Coconut, Lime & Vanilla)
Vanuatu's Premium Coconut Oil
(Scented With Sandalwood)

When you visit our Port Vila day spa for a massage or one of our spa packages involving a massage treatment, you can choose
your own massage cream - just ask the therapist or let her know when she asks you what you like.